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            SMTPA220 Photo

SMTPA220  Estimated time of delivery

Free Sample    10PCS

       4 days

Quantity       2500PCS

      6 days
Quantity      30000PCS      12 days
Quantity    200000PCS      30 days

NOTES: The above delivery time keeps 

changing from time to time.


































































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SIDACtor Protection Thyristor protect telecommunications equipment suchas ADSL Modems,Router, , Telephone, CCTV 

Camera,Digital Video Record,Video Capture Card,Twisted-pair video transmitter,CATV Splitter.....Etc.


SIDACtor Protection Thyristor are used to enable equipment to meet various regulatory requirements including GR 1089, 

ITU K.20/21,IEC 61000-4-5, YD/T 1082,YD/T 993,YD/T 950,TIA-968-A ,TIA-968-B



• 100% Lead-Free(RoHs Compliant )

• Cannot be damaged by voltage

• Eliminate hysteresis and heat dissipation typically found with clamping devices

• Eliminate voltage overshoot caused by fast-rising transients

• Are non-degenerative

• Have low capacitance, making them ideal for high-speed transmission equipment


Electrical Characteristics                                                                                                                                    

Package DO-214AA / SMB
Peak Off-state Voltage 220V
Switching Voltage 300V
Holding Current 150mA
Switching Current 800mA
On-state Current 2.2A
On-state Voltage 4V
Off-state Capacitance(typical value) 35pF
Ipp 2x10μs 150A
Ipp 8x20μs 150A
Ipp 10x160μs 90A
Ipp 10x560μs 50A
Ipp 10x1000μs 45A
Ipp 5x320μs 75A
Ipp 5x310μs 75A
Ipp 10x360μs 75A
di/dt 500A/μs
Operating Junction Temperature -40 C to +150 C
Packing Quantity: 2500PCS






























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