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       SMTPA120 Photo

SMTPA120  Estimated time of delivery

Free Sample    40PCS

   In Stock, Can dispatch Immediately.

SMTPA120 Can retail

Quantity       2500PCS

     In Stock, Can dispatch Immediately.
Quantity      30000PCS      12 days
Quantity    200000PCS      30 days

NOTES: The above delivery time keeps 

changing from time to time.



























































Home →  Products SIDACtor Protection Thyristors → SMTPA120

SIDACtor Protection Thyristor protect telecommunications equipment suchas ADSL Modems,Router, , Telephone, CCTV 

Camera,Digital Video Record,Video Capture Card,Twisted-pair video transmitter,CATV Splitter.....Etc.


SIDACtor Protection Thyristor are used to enable equipment to meet various regulatory requirements including GR 1089, 

ITU K.20/21,IEC 61000-4-5, YD/T 1082,YD/T 993,YD/T 950,TIA-968-A ,TIA-968-B



• 100% Lead-Free(RoHs Compliant )

• Cannot be damaged by voltage

• Eliminate hysteresis and heat dissipation typically found with clamping devices

• Eliminate voltage overshoot caused by fast-rising transients

• Are non-degenerative

• Have low capacitance, making them ideal for high-speed transmission equipment


Electrical Characteristics                                                                                                                                    

Package DO-214AA / SMB
Peak Off-state Voltage 120V
Switching Voltage 160V
Holding Current 150mA
Switching Current 800mA
On-state Current 2.2A
On-state Voltage 4V
Off-state Capacitance(typical value) 35pF
Ipp 2x10μs 150A
Ipp 8x20μs 150A
Ipp 10x160μs 90A
Ipp 10x560μs 50A
Ipp 10x1000μs 45A
Ipp 5x320μs 75A
Ipp 5x310μs 75A
Ipp 10x360μs 75A
di/dt 500A/μs
Operating Junction Temperature -40 C to +150 C
Packing Quantity: 2500PCS




























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