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2027-47-CLF  Estimated time of delivery

Free Sample    10 PCS

      5 days

Quantity       2000PCS

      6 days
Quantity      30000PCS      12 days
Quantity    200000PCS      35 days

NOTES: The above delivery time keeps 

changing from time to time.





































































Home ★  Products Gas Discharge Tubes ★ 2027-47-CLF


100% Lead-Free(RoHs Compliant )


•Low capacitance (+1pF)

•Fast Response-time,High Insulation Resistance.

•Stable breakdowm voltage

•High holdover voltage


Electrical Characteristics                                                                                                                                        



DC Spark-over voltage 470V \15%
Impulse Spark-over voltage @1KV/μs


Insulation Resistance


Impulse discharge current(8/20μs) 10000A
AC discharge current(50Hz,1s,10times) 10A


Packing Quantity: 100PCS









































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